How Are Diapers Given?

What is a diaper bank?

A Diaper Bank is similar to a food bank in that it provides a basic need to the community. The Changing Table is a nonprofit diaper bank. Diaper banks accept monetary donations and diapers. These diapers are then given to the diaper bank's community partner organizations to then be distributed to families experiencing diaper need.

What is a Community Partner?

A Community Partner is a like-minded organization that serves families that are being supported by the organization for a variety of reasons, but who might also be experiencing diaper need. A few examples of the Community Partners we build relationships with are: schools, clinics, shelters, child advocacy centers, etc. Our current network of partners includes Camden, Miller, Morgan, Benton, Hickory, and Pulaski counties. If you know of an organization that might be a good fit for our network please send them HERE.

Why do we use Community Partners?

The Changing Table follows the best practices outlined by the National Diaper Bank Network and exclusively distributes diapers through our network of Community Partners. We do not give diapers directly to families.

Our partners are already equipped to serve families. Many of the families these organizations serve are also experiencing diaper need. Creating a whole new program, for these families to have to go to just to receive diapers is not efficient. By distributing diapers to our partners we can help strengthen their already established programs. This model helps make sure we are giving a hand up and not a hand out.

If you are experiencing diaper need and looking for somewhere to go to access our diapers please click HERE to see a list of our current Community Partners.

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