Diaper Need Facts

Skipped Meals

Over a quarter of families experiencing diaper need said they skipped meals or took on additional jobs to afford diapers.

Basic Need

Diapers are a basic need. In order for all babies to stay clean and dry they need adequate access to diapers.

No Programs

Unlike other basic needs (food, shelter, etc) there are no government assistance programs designed to help with the financial burden of diapers.

Maternal Depression

Results of a study done at Yale suggest that inclusion of diapers on federal anti-poverty programs may be a tangible way of reducing maternal stress and improving maternal mental health with additional benefits for child development and health.

Missed Work/School

88.4% of families we serve state they have missed work or school due to lack of diapers to give to daycare.

Same Need

Families who made 50k or more a year reported the SAME amount of diaper need as families who made less than 50k a year.

Health Risks

Diaper need increases health risks, such as more frequent cases of diaper rash and urinary tract infections (UTI) for babies and toddlers left in dirty or reused diapers for prolonged periods of time.

Paper Towels

When there isn't enough funds for diapers families have to find a way to extend the life of a diaper. Some are able to do this by cutting out the middle and replacing with paper towels from a gas station.


85.9% of the families we serve have had to choose between buying diapers or paying for another basic need like food, shelter, electricity, etc.

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